A supply chain intelligence platform


Wyze is an end to end supply chain intelligence platform for businesses which handles sales, logistics and transactions on a day-day level.

The platform has a Chatbot assist for Sales executives on the field and a real time dashboard for the Sales Head / Business Owner to monitor the progress on the sales and order status.


Product Strategy, User Interface and Experience Design (New Product)


Chatbot Assist for Sales Executives on field (Mobile, React JS)

Live Dashboard with Chatbot for Sales head or Business Owner (Responsive web)


Design Thinking (Customer Journey Mapping)

Jobs to be done

Design Strategy and Approach

Define Branding for the product based on the target user group (Color theory, Mood boards)

Wireframe the experience flow of the product (Hand-drawn sketches, Balsamiq)

Create High fidelity Mockups, with Branding (Adobe Photoshop, Sketch App)

Iterative Usability testing with the client and user groups on each phase (Rinse and Repeat)

We love what we do!

Other Case Studies

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand
- Paul Rand

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