A supply chain intelligence platform


Wyze is an end to end supply chain intelligence platform for businesses that handle sales, logistics and transactions on a daily basis.

The platform provides a chatbot to assist sales executives on the field, as well as a real-time dashboard for the business owner to monitor the sales pipeline.


Product strategy & UI / UX design for a new product


Chatbot to assist on-field sales executives - Mobile, React JS

Live dashboard with chatbot for business owner - Responsive web


Customer journey mapping

Jobs to be done framework

Design Strategy and Approach

Brand identity definition based on color theory and mood boards.

Wireframing of the product flow using hand-drawn sketches.

Creation of high-fidelity mockups using tools such as Adobe XD.

Usability test iterations with both the client and user groups after each phase.


1. Rapid prototyping helped cut down cost at the MVP stage.

2. High fidelity prototype helped raise funding.

3. Timeline based dashboard module gained traction amid Sales Managers!

Other case studies

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand
- Paul Rand

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