FHIR Based Hospital Management Platform


Neosys Medicare is an interoperable Hospital Management Platform. It has various entities handling various stakeholders requirements, such as Payers, Providers, Pharmacy, Laboratory and Hospital Admin teams.


UI / UX design and development for Web and Mobile Applications


Product interfaces and dashboards - Responsive web

Product landing page - Responsive web


Lean UX design and development

Design Strategy and Approach

Build. Measure. Learn.

An iterative approach with a focus on constant measurement and 'learning loops' as well as close collaboration between the design, development and business teams.


1. Implementation across 7+ multispeciality hospitals in South East Asia.

2. Saved 14% of on premises training cost through onboarding and intuitive interfaces.

3. UX revamp has increased the usage rate amid Doctors and Lab Technicians.

Other case studies

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand
- Paul Rand

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