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A market intelligence tool

Intutel is a market intelligence tool for tracking and analysing your digital media efforts.

It helps you take better decisions and accelerate your business growth by providing detailed reports on market landscape, opportunities and trends.

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An online medical device marketplace

Doctor's Bazaar attempts to create a global marketplace for medical devices, by connecting medical device manufacturers with distributors and hospitals.

Along with strong social media and networking tools, it has search, curation, transaction and analytics tools which improve product discovery, engagement and conversions amongst its users.

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A supply chain intelligence platform

Wyze is an end to end supply chain intelligence platform for businesses that handle sales, logistics and transactions on a daily basis.

The platform provides a chatbot to assist sales executives on the field, as well as a real-time dashboard for the business owner to monitor the sales pipeline.

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Mental health and wellness projects

We are the design partners for Thriver consulting, an agency which builds digital solutions for mental health and wellness research projects in Australia.

We work with them to build various web and mobile applications based on key university research projects.

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"Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent"
- Joe Sparano

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