Highly efficient digital solutions for esthetic dentistry platform


Straumann is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of dental equipment and offers a diverse range of digital products and services on its platform. A prosthetic selection guide, ROI calculator and a custom order management module are some of their digital solutions.


Product strategy & UI / UX design and Front-End Development


A prosthetic selection guide.

ROI calculator for Dentists.

Custom order management module.


Customer journey mapping

Jobs to be done framework

Design Strategy and Approach

Brand identity definition based on color theory and mood boards.

Wireframing of the product flow using hand-drawn sketches.

Creation of high-fidelity mockups using tools such as Adobe XD and Figma.

Usability test iterations with both the client and user groups after each phase.


1. Designed and Revamped 9+ Platform and additional flows over a period of 3 months

2. Launched 17+ landing pages and campaign to spread awareness among dentists

3. Rapid prototyping helped cut down cost and validate ideas faster.

Other case studies

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand
- Paul Rand

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