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(2 to 4 weeks)

We’re experts at quickly taking your idea to the prototype stage by running iterative design sprints.

This is best suited to do a quick proof of concept, idea validation and for a prototype showcase to clients or investors.

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(3 to 6 MONTHS)

You get a remote UI/UX design team working hand-in-hand with your in-house development team throughout the project.

This is best suited for the businesses that are looking to collaborate with a design agency for the UI/UX design services.

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(12+ MONTHS)

We act as a digital partner in your projects. We collaborate with you for the long haul, by committing on both design and development.

This is best suited for the businesses that are looking for a technical team to build their digital product with a good UX design.

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Experience design

We employ a user driven, iterative UI/UX design process guaranteed to deliver what your user actually needs

Product strategy

We manage every step of the product life cycle, right from initial product ideation phase to market launch


A product is nothing without its story. And we help you craft the perfect story for your product and brand


We seamlessly transform your design into production ready code, for both web and mobile based applications

Case studies

Mental health and wellness projects

We build digital solutions for mental health and wellness research projects in Australia.

We build various web and mobile applications based on key university research projects.


1. Helped to develop sense of connectedness between at-risk groups, health services, and support groups.

2. Addressed culturally appropriate suicide prevention training.

3. Helped lift moods and give confidence to expectant and new mothers.

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An online medical device marketplace

Doctor's Bazaar attempts to create a global marketplace for medical devices, by connecting medical device manufacturers with distributors and hospitals.


1. Smooth Go To Marketing (GTM) launch.

2. Onboarded top 5 industry players as paid customers!

3. Asset management module, helped increase ROI for the hospital management.

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A supply chain intelligence platform

Wyze is an end to end supply chain intelligence platform for businesses that handle sales, logistics and transactions on a daily basis.


1. Rapid prototyping helped cut down cost at the MVP stage.

2. High fidelity prototype helped raise funding.

3. Timeline based dashboard module gained traction amid Sales Managers!

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A market intelligence tool

Intutel is a market intelligence tool for tracking and analysing your digital media efforts.

It helps you take better decisions and accelerate your business growth by providing detailed reports on market landscape, opportunities and trends.


1. Featured in Product Hunt.

2. Positive ROI after UX revamp.

3. Onboarded  ~100 paid users in first 30 days!

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Every problem is unique. We address each of them with customised solutions and processes.
We work on a wide spectrum of projects, and our work ethos are broadly defined by
Design Thinking "AND" Lean UX "AND" Agile

Design Thinking

Explore the problem. Take a diverge and converge approach when appropriate

Lean UX

Build the right thing by build, measure and learn cycles. Demand based prioritisation

Agile Mindset

Adaptable to change. Iterate. Pivot based on changing metrics. Value based prioritisation


Dr Mady M, PhD

Director at Thriver

"Alchi has designed three mobile apps and a web app in the last couple of years for Thriver consulting. They keep up with the trend and brings the end user's perspectives quite naturally.

Their expertise in the mental health area was a bonus for our projects. Alchi has been and will be my go-to design studio."


Founder at Atto

"Alchi helped us with the UI/UX design of some of the most critical applications on our platform.

I would recommend their work since they bring in diverse perspectives to User Interface and User Experience design."

Vishal Naik

CTO at Doctor's Bazaar

"Unique ability to do excellent UX and UI development across web and native mobile enabled us to develop the products quickly with very good quality.

A no-nonsense, can-do attitude and a strong work ethics that make a big difference and I really enjoyed working with them. I fully recommend them"

Chella Kumar

Digital Practice Lead

"UX/UI expertise combined with the clarity of thoughts, commitment to timelines, budget, and thoroughness in interactions gave us an edge with our clients.

They are quick to develop deep business empathy no matter what the industry or project is and can seamlessly switch context and toolsets."

Shankar Krishnan

CEO at Hashout

"Alchi Design Studio has delivered several designs for us over the past 2 years that we have been associated with and has been our go-to studio for all of our company's critical and complex UX / UI design requirements."


Founder at PH Tech

"We partnered with Alchi for various design requirements like Logo, Branding, Character Design, UI/UX and Content writing.

Their design approach is systematic, iterative and at par with industry standards. I highly recommend Alchi for their professional ethics and impeccable skills in Branding and UI/UX Design."

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"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand"
- Paul Rand

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